Year 2020
July 2020

UNITED CAPS unveils expanded edible oils and vinegars portfolio

Expanded portfolio has “Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t”

Wiltz, Luxembourg, 25 June 2020 – UNITED CAPS, an international manufacturer of caps and closures, has announced that following the acquisition of Spanish firm Embalatap, the company has completed a period of consolidation and integration, resulting in an enhanced portfolio of caps and closures for edible oils and vinegars.

The UNITED CAPS new Edible Oils and Vinegars line of products features big innovation packed with small details that make them a portfolio built for life in the kitchen,” said Benoit Henckes, CEO of UNITED CAPS. “They include differentiated design, smart security and affordable sustainability, and are true to our principle of ‘Less is More,’ reducing the need for range complexity. Our team has worked hard to ensure we bring the most comprehensive portfolio of caps and closures for edible oils and vinegars to our customers, with not only outstanding performance in the kitchen, but outstanding performance on the production line as well.

Caps and closures in the Edible Oils and Vinegars portfolio are available in a wide variety of colours for on-shelf standout and a premium look with optional tamper evident and tear-off membrane security features. The portfolio contains closures that flip, click, switch and flow. It offers a powerful variety exemplified by a range with maximum and minimum pour options. The Edible Oils portfolio includes:

  • A new UNITED CAPS 26 Family of user-friendly, lightweight closures designed to enable brands to maximise weight saving potential without impacting the end customer experience. These caps are the lightest products in our Edible Oils portfolio, weighing in at less than one gram.
  • A new UNITED CAPS 29 CLICK TE cap with a premium look, tear-off membrane and tamper evident (TE) band flip top closure suitable for use with PET and glass bottles for both Edible Oils and Vinegars.
  • The ingenious 29 DOUBLEFLOW caps continue to be a popular offering within the Edible Oils portfolio, offering a variety of pouring options and exceptional control thanks to its innovative droplet shape. It is lightweight and attractive and keeps the bottle dry with spill-free performance. DOUBLEFLOW weighs just three grams and is optimized to perform reliably on the production line with no line modification.
  • A product developed especially for large containers (2 to 5 litres), the 42 SUN snap-on closure is also available with an ergonomic “Porter” handle for ease of use.

In addition to the 29 CLICK TE cap described above, the enhanced UNITED CAPS portfolio for vinegars includes:

  • 29 VINJET, a best-selling product in Southern Europe with vintage appeal for vinegar, sauces and dressings. Caps for white and red vinegar have one hole for pouring, while caps for sauces, dressings and balsamic vinegar feature four holes.
  • The UNITED CAPS 36 PRO2P is an exceptionally easy-to-use product for glass and PET Edible Oil and Vinegar bottles. This snap-on two-piece closure features an anti-drop system and unique pouring shape for exceptional control and a content-preserving tear-off membrane.

“We are pleased to be bringing this enhanced portfolio to the market,” Henckes added. “We have applied our expertise built up over 80 years of working with plastics to offer customers a comprehensive selection designed to meet just about every possible need in the growing market for caps and closures for Edible Oils and Vinegars.”