Year 2024
May 2024

Origin Materials Partners with PackSys Global on World’s First PET Cap and Closure Manufacturing System

WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. USA and RÜTI, Switzerland – May 5, 2024 – Origin Materials the world’s leading carbon negative materials company with a mission to enable the world’s transition to sustainable materials, and PackSys Global AG (“PackSys Global”), the leading packaging machine producer for plastic closure slitting machines, announced a strategic cooperation to produce the world’s first PET cap and closure manufacturing system.

“Our high-throughput production system is the first of its kind, designed to do something nothing else can: make PET caps and closures at commercial scale,” said Origin Co-CEO and Co-Founder John Bissell. “Our system will allow us to bring the recycling, sustainability, and performance benefits of our PET cap and closure solution to the world. We expect it will be the first of many such production lines for making not just beverage packaging better and fully recyclable, but containers of nearly every kind.”

Bissell added: “We are happy to be building our production line with high-quality sub-systems from PackSys Global, a respected leader in packaging machines for the cosmetics, beverage, pharmaceutical, and packaging industries with facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia that has operated for over fifty years. PackSys Global is ideally positioned to contribute technology to the unique way we make high-quality caps and closures for multiple industries.”

Ueli Kobel, Director of PackSys Global’s Slitting Division, noted: “PET closures can be a game changer for closure recycling. Most beverage closures are today made from HDPE and, while closure recycling rates are increasing, especially in Europe where closure tethering will be mandatory starting July 2024, a beverage container remains a two-material solution. HDPE suffers from degradation when re-used multiple times. Changing a closure to the same grade of PET as in the container avoids the need to separate the two materials and also solves the degradation topic at the same time.”

Origin’s high-throughput production system will make the world’s first PET caps and closures at commercial scale. The solution is a transformative leap forward in packaging, designing for recycling circularity and improved performance. Origin’s solution improves recyclability, enables light-weighting, and can extend product shelf-life while addressing a greater than $65 billion market. In conjunction with world-class partners like PackSys Global, we are solving the most difficult sustainability challenges, in alignment with our core mission to help transition the world to sustainable materials.

Aitor Henao Soto, Head of Marketing & Communications at the Swiss company, stated, “We are proud to have partners like Origin who have entrusted us with their project, relying on our experience and expertise in engineering. The tests conducted at our technology center, KREALAB, were highly successful, and we are excited to showcase the results on May 9th at NPE2024 in Orlando in our booth alongside the Origin team.”

About Origin Materials

Origin is the world’s leading carbon negative materials company with a mission to enable the world’s transition to sustainable materials. Our innovative technologies include all-PET caps and closures that bring recycling circularity and enhanced performance to a ~$65 billion market, specialty materials, and our patented biomass conversion platform that transforms carbon into sustainable materials for a wide range of end products addressing a ~$1 trillion market. Origin’s technology, economics, and carbon impact are supported by a growing list of major global customers and investors. For more information, visit

About PackSys Global

PackSys Global AG manufactures high-performance machines and complete lines for the production of extruded tubes and laminate tubes as well as slitting and folding machines for plastic closures. The company is the specialist for high-precision automatic hot stamping solutions for the packaging, cosmetics and automotive industries and the undisputed world market leader for machines for packaging unfilled laminate, plastic and aluminium tubes, aluminium aerosol cans, bottles and cartridges. Visit