Year 2021
February 2021

Campina organic removes plastic cap from litre packaging

18 Feb 2021 – Dairy firm FrieslandCampina, has removed plastic bottle caps from the one-litre packaging for its Campina Organic packaging.The packaging will now come with a new pouring opening that removes the need for plastic screw caps, eliminating the production of millions of said caps, the company said.

Other changes made to the packaging include the removal of one layer of material, which makes the unbleached brown carton directly visible.

According to FrieslandCampina, the CO2 emission of the new packaging is at least 37% lower compared to the old packaging. The remaining CO2 emission of the packaging will be compensated, thus ensuring that it remains climate-neutral.

Bas Roelofs, Managing Director of FrieslandCampina Consumer Dairy Netherlands, commented: “An increasing number of consumers wants to make a more environmentally aware choice in the supermarket. They are prepared to do something if this is more favourable for the environment. The new packaging of Campina Organic – without screw cap – offers a simple way to make a contribution to the reduction of CO2 emission and plastic waste. We introduce this packaging because it is our ambition to make our entire packaging portfolio completely circular and CO2-neutral, and to further lower the volume of packaging material.”

FrieslandCampina introduced its renewed ‘Nourishing a better planet’ sustainability programme in 2020, and the redesigned packaging is part of its programme of changes. The programme includes other goals related to a climate-neutral future, biodiversity, sourcing sustainable basic materials, and packaging.

Along with the redesign, changes already made in line with the agreement include the use of green electricity generated by the members of its cooperative for the production of all Dutch Campina products.