Year 2024
May 2024

Bericap invests in a New Production facility in Kunshan

Budenheim  May 2, 2024 BERICAP is investing in a new plant in Kunshan that reflects the latest standards and increases production capacity by 50% to help it more effectively cater to customer demand. This marks the next milestone for the leading global manufacturer of plastic and aluminium closures in its international growth strategy – enabling a local presence and ensuring short distances for both customer support and product logistics. BERICAP’s customers in China include major edible oil, soy sauce, and vinegar manufacturers, as well as customers in the beverage and automotive sectors.

The contract with representatives of the Kunshan Development Zone was recently signed, paving the way for the construction work on the new building in Kunshan to start this year. BERICAP is planning to start production at the new facility in 2027.

The location of Kunshan, close to Shanghai, remains a strategic fit for BERICAP, particularly since the Kunshan Development Zone aims to attract Top 500 companies worldwide as it evolves into an important business cluster focusing on the development, manufacturing, sales and display of high-end food products.