Year 2020
July 2020

Sukano launches new impact modifier Masterbatches

20 July 2020 – Sukano is launching a newly formulated transparent Impact Modifier for cold, flash frozen and room temperature applications under the umbrella of the Sukano RPET Product Portfolio. The new Sukano Impact Modifier Masterbatch can replace specialised co-polyester resins with recycled or virgin PET resin that is modified with a new masterbatch, allowing end application to be monomaterial, and recyclable.

Replacing non-recyclable frozen food trays with PET monomaterial structures, while increasing use of RPET

“With our newly formulated Sukano Impact Modifier Portfolio, customers have a recyclable alternative at hand to replace products made of, for instance, Copolyester or GAG film structures,  while enjoying  the benefits that go beyond mechanical properties modification,” states Alessandra Funcia, Head of Marketing at Sukano and Chairwoman at the Working Group Functional and Opaque PET packaging at PETCore.

Improved durability and toughness, enhanced impact resistance, higher RPET content, shatter resistance – all without a loss in transparency. It also allows safe packaging  for  consumer  by  reducing  sharp  edges  and  it leads  to  less  shards,  avoiding contamination. This helps improve productivity and yields by avoiding line interruptions and generating more first quality parts.  “Our  customers  can  also  testify  that  these  high-performance  Masterbatches  provide  additional  functionality  as  a  cutting  aid,  improving  die  cutting  in  production,  speeding  up  the  lines  and  avoiding  any cross-contamination potential by splinters.  All without compromises: our latest development  –  the  Sukano Impact  Modifier  Portfolio  –  allows  transparent  trays  for  cold,  flash  frozen  and  room  temperature  trays,  to  be  fully  recyclable,”  reinforces  Michael Kirch, Global Head of R&D.

Beyond the impact modifier masterbatch, Sukano is helping to facilitate the replacement of end applications made from non-recyclable or less sustainable materials into applications made from PET via an innovative RPET Product Portfolio.

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